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(In)Justice of the US Circuit Court System

What can America’s Police and Circuit Courts do with a $100 fine?


We are growing this grassroots project! It will start as a publishing center, then develop in to a legal action group. The goal is to launch persuasive political and legal attacks at the unfair rules and the people who perpetrate them under the guise of “It’s the law” and “I’m just doing my job”.

These are big plans and we are going to need big money so please be generous.

Phase 1 goals are to bring on writers and editors for more content like what you’ve already seen here. We will document real events from real people about how the system worked to keep them in servitude to the legal and penitentiary system.

Phase 2 is to bring in legal professionals to directly affect change in areas that are uniquely deserving. With your money and our legal team we can begin to tip the scale of American Justice to favor everyone including those who aren’t white and wealthy.

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There’s More to Come!

Consider contributing to this project. we need donations, writers and editors. This is an important issue effecting millions of people. Change begins right here! Contact me to find out more about our plans and how you can get involved!

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